Protect Your Asphalt, Protect Your Investment

To ensure your asphalt parking lot or driveway will stand the test of time, you need to sealcoat it every few years.

Without proper maintenance, water, chemicals and Wisconsin’s brutal winters will damage and ultimately destroy even the most pristine of asphalt surfaces.

When you sealcoat, you are adding an additional layer to your parking lot that can handle the elements, so your asphalt doesn’t have to.

How Does Sealcoating Work?

When we sealcoat a parking lot or driveway, we start by cleaning the surface with high-powered blowers and steels brooms. We scrub away loose sand, dirt, mud, salt and anything else that shouldn’t be there. Once it’s cleaned and prepped, we get to work.

While some residential projects only require a single coat to keep them safe and protected, commercial projects always require two. While some cut corners by laying only one coat, they are all but guaranteeing that the work will need to be redone in short order. By design, one coat won’t cure (dry) properly — it’s curing from the top down, not the bottom up.

Two Coats To Get The Job Done Right

Our first coat is thin and intended to bond immediately to the existing asphalt. We then add a second coat which can easily bond with the first, along with the existing asphalt. This guarantees a single, smooth, protected surface designed to last.

This process, while more cumbersome, ensures an enduring parking lot or driveway that will long outlast, and out-impress, a single coat for years to come.

Cured And Ready

The second coat typically cures within a few hours. But in more humid weather it can take up to a full day. Once the coat is fully dry, Renu Sealcoating will return to stripe your parking lot as needed.

Sealcoating makes your parking lot look professional and presentable. But it also takes the blunt of the wear-and-tear—from cars driving over it on a regular basis as well as mother nature—so your asphalt doesn’t have to.

The sealcoat fades every few years and needs to be replaced. But if you keep your sealcoating maintained, your parking lot can outlast you and even your entire building!

We Do Sealcoating Right… Every Time

You can’t be an expert in asphalt without keeping your pulse on the Weather Channel. Some outfits cut corners and sealcoat during the day even if they know it might rain that night. Not us. We stand by our work and know that even the most perfectly sealcoated project can be ruined by rain. If that night’s forecast calls for rain, we’ll be in touch to reschedule. That might seem inconvenient on its face, but trust us — you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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