The Right Way To Handle A Pothole

If you want to fill a pothole, infrared patching is the way go.

We’ll come to your location with our specially-customized Ray-Tech freightliner truck built specifically for infrared patching. Our truck has a 6×8 foot panel on it that is designed to cover the affected area and heat it up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the asphalt is malleable, we scoop out any unnecessary material — including, but not limited to, crack filler, gravel, rocks and bad asphalt — and then we level the area.

We’ll then lay down brand new fresh asphalt, which we will have picked up earlier that morning.

One Plus One Equals Ones

While crack fillers and pothole fillings are easy to install, they never fully bond to the existing asphalt in a way that can stand the test of time.

That’s where infrared patching comes in. We heat the existing asphalt so that when we add to it, the new and old can bond together as a single unit, not fit together like a couple of giant puzzle pieces.

Once the new asphalt has bonded to the old and dried, then we’ll roll it, using our truck’s special compactor to flatten the surface. We can then stripe it as needed to ensure that everything looks and feels as good as new.

There are faster ways to fill potholes, but they are quick fixes offering short-term solutions. An infrared patch is built to last.

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