Maintain Now Or Replace Later

Like with so many things in life, if you don’t deal with an issue today, you can find yourself stuck with a far bigger issue tomorrow.

Cracks in your asphalt are easy to manage… IF you deal with them early. If not, they will continue to spread and grow, and ultimately require that you rip up your parking lot altogether and start over from scratch.

The Route Way

We fix your cracks today to help you maintain you parking lot for the long run.

We start by routing your cracks. This process start with our cutter machine, which actually makes your cracks wider and deeper so that they can be adequately filled with hot rubberized tar.

We then clean them with high-power air and/or a heat lance, depending on the weather and the specific details of the project.

Protecting Our Work

Once they are fully cooled, we sealcoat the area to ensure that your cracks are repaired indefinitely, and not just until the next hot or rainy day.

Like with everything else we do, we work only with the finest products. While some sealcoats may be fine for Texas or Florida, we’re a Wisconsin-based business and we have 75 years of combined local experience. We know asphalt, we know Wisconsin, and we use the best products to bring the two together.

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